See Indonesia Through this Websites..

Amazing Indonesia. That's all I can say about my lovely country.

The problem with Malingsia a.k.a Malaysia, made me sad and also angry to my own government, but I still loved my country. Why, why, why and why my own government keep let Malingsia a.k.a Malaysia to do what their do. The activities that had been done by BENDERA activist is not right, I am totally agree. But maybe it was a form of anger and sadness because Indonesia had been through this situation over and over without having a real action from the government. Could my government do something to calm our people? Could they do something to show Malingsia a.k.a Malaysia that we are able to guard our country whatever it takes? Wish I could see some great action from my own government.

Let's put the Malingsia a.k.a Malaysia behind for a moment. I want to talk about my beautiful Indonesia. Have u ever know what is Indonesia doing right now? Well, if you don't maybe he websites below could brightened your day.

This website will show you about any story that our county make. Of course the good one. U will be amazed to know that it is a person from Indonesia who's bring an idea about the Forward Facing Crew Cockpit, the Sosrobahu technology is coming form our country, and many more stories. Check their websites and u will be loved Indonesia more.

When u r visiting this website, u will get the information about our county achievement through our people. Did u know that IPB choir had won a gold medal recently, did u know that Bali is the best leisure destination in Asia Pasific, and there's many more story that make we proud being Indonesian.

Of course in this website u will know more about Jakarta. About Transjakarta, the historical story, The demographic of Jakarta, historical places, and also about Jakarta in the future. If u know Jakarta, u should visit this page to gain more knowledge about the traffic city.

Another way to promote himself. As a good citizen it is a pleasure to know that my president has a website, an official one. Hopefully through this website he will be able to do some Action rather that Talking.

Yes, as its appears on the name, the website tells everything u want to know about Indonesian Football League. U will be able to see the match between club in Indonesia, there's a list of 5 player in trouble, and many more. Feel free to see what happens in our Football League.

I have posting the web address in my other post called Aku Cinta Indonesia , I just want to re-write here so that u can remember to visit our nasional website.

U will be able to see much more places to visit in Indonesia. Just click the province in Indonesia's map and u will get the info about it. There's info about the travel agent, interesting destination to go, restaurant, acommodation and also art shop. Send this link to ur friends abroad..

Well, that's some number of website that could make u see Indonesia more. There's hundreds or maybe thousands websites that could promote Indonesia beautifully. Like Damn I love Indonesia , Karimun Jawa , Indonesia Eats , Indonesia Proud and many more. I hope that more and more visitor coming to visit our country while I also hoping for the government to build a good transportation, airport , keep taking right decision to promote Indonesia. Hopefully one day with all of our natural resources and our amazing people INDONESIA will be able to stand in its own feet. One day


  1. Indonesia memang luar biasa, ayo yang belum merasakan semua keindahannya

    Paket wisata karimun jawa, buka

  2. Indonesia memang serba ada baik panorama yang cantik-cantik dan budaya yang sangat uniki.