2015 = Healthy Year

Hi there..

This will be my first post in English. So please excuse my grammar etc. :D Make one posting per month in English has become My blog resolution for 2015. Sounds so usual? Well, not for me. Since I decided to be SAHM, i barerly use my English. That's why I Said yes when Nita asked Me to join Blog English Club, you can read about BEC at dani's blog. This week theme Is "a word for 2015" . When i read the theme, this word instantly poped in My mind.


I am opening this year by having accompanied with thypus and measles. Probably I am exhausted. Because for closing The year, my family has decided to move to a landed house. After 3 years living in the sky, feels so great to finally have your own garden, will try to post about it another day, but it also exhausting. You know, moving all that boxes to the new house while at the same time I also need to do the laundry, cooking and cleaning since I don't have a maid. That's why i choose "Healthy" as My word. 

I wish this year (and all years coming ahead) Will be a healthy year for Me and family.
Besides continuing our fruity breakfast, I also want to try to do Food Combining more serious.
More exercise.
More travelling. Hohoho..

That's all for My first post. Let's have a healthy life..


  1. Being healthy is a must. Getting sick from illness is something that can be avoided by being healthy. Tetap semangat...

  2. Get well soon, Buyuuu.. Aamiin.. I hope it will be a healthier year for me too ;)

  3. I wish this year (and all years coming ahead) Will be a healthy year for Me and family.>>amiin. I make same wishes too ;)

  4. Let's Stay happy and healthy this year! I know how tired it is moving from one house to another, i had move three times last year , my first house,apartment,my mom's house, finally my current house.. sighh.. ☺ well,that's four then hahaha

    1. yess... super tired Withaaa. haha, same with me. i have been experienced this "moving time " since kosan. 5th time for me. haha..

  5. i have the same resolution this year, healthy life, semangaat!

  6. nyam nyam buahnya itu yg bikin seger mbak, mauuu

  7. Health is definitely a precious and priceless gift. may we will be bestowed health through the year. Thank you for joining the challege! :)

  8. maakk same with meee.. I also choose health as my word for 2015..
    sadly because last couple days ago, I got diarrhea.. and it was so terrible.. :((