January 24, 2015

[RESTAURANT REVIEW] : Family Dinner at Sate khas Senayan

Every weekend we always try to have an energizing family time. Usually, I will search for any new places that comfortable to hang out there with our little super boy. It could be park, zoo, museum or else. But when you have tight schedule mall is the best place to visit. Hahaha.. 

It doesn't have to be always about shopping rite? In the mall we can take our children to a bookstore. Nowadays, there are Malls that often doing some kids activities. One Mall that we used to come is Kota Kasablanka. Groceries, shopping or window shopping, come to any events and also food experience all can be done here. Yup, we all love munching every kind of food. Lucky us, Rafa is very easy to be taken to any new places. As long as they served rice or noodle, we are safe. Ha!

We love to try any western restaurants, but of course Indonesian restaurants are always tempting. So recently, we decided to have an early dinner at Sate Khas Senayan. All of the food that we've been ordered were fit to our taste. Let the pictures do their job..

We call it "Sekoteng". For those who haven't tried it, it was ginger infused water with bread, baked nut, cendol and Kolang kaling as the filling.

For our little Tazmania, since he always move everywhere, we ordered this yummy " Nasi Uduk ". Psstt, he ate them all except the spicy tempeh.

This yummy food is mine, Tahu Telor. The best part of Tahu Telor at Sate Khas Senayan is that they served it with thin but not crispy mixed dough, bakwan

This were my hubby's. He ordered Lontong Cap Go Meh. This one also very yummy and pleased our tummy. 

After we finished or dinner, here are some of our family time moment. 

So, if you are looking for Indonesian Restaurant with yummy food, great service, fair price and nice ambience you should come to Sate Khas Senayan at Kota Kasablanka. 

Sate Khas Senayan
Kota Kasablanka 
Lantai UG
Money amount : Almost IDR 200.000
Definitely will come back again.