March 28, 2015

Nicole Lounge Puncak

Few weeks a go my family spent 2 days in Puncak. On the 2nd day, we decided to try the most happening place in Puncak, Nicole Lounge. I ' ve visited this place when I am having my vacation with my family.

Actually I have been here once with fellow bloggers on Bio Oil event. But it was a super quick lunch so we didn't have a chance to go to the Lounge. We have to satisfied with the restaurant only. But yesterday, after looking the menu we finally choose this 

Ice Blended Matcha 

Potato Platter

Calamari Ring

Taro Bubble 

We didn't ordered main menu since we are not coming for having lunch. We just want to see the place and take picture also. Hihi.. The view and the building itself are so tempting to be captured 

Lets jump..

Cozy sofa

Over all, Nicole Lounge is such a great place to hang out with family and friends with a great view and decoration. The food taste is good with reasonable price. For all the food we have ordered we spent arround 250K. But my sister is quite dissaponted with the looking of her bubble. Why they have to serve it in a plastic glass like take away bubble. Beside the bubble appearance, we will come again. I still curious with the pizza.. 


  1. The place looks so nice Mbak. Puncak. So it is cold also there.

  2. Camilannya menggiurkan dan tempatnya asik banget kayaknya Mba :D

  3. Menggoda sekali makanannya. Kapan-kapan semoga bisa ke sana..

  4. Seru bgt tempatnya buyu kayanya keren buat photoshoot ^^

  5. Penasaran sama tempat ini dari tahun lalu. Deket banget dari rumah, secara rumahku di Bogor tapi belum pernah ketemu tempat ini tiap ke Puncak (jarang ke Puncak juga sih hehehe).

    Lokasinya di deket apa ya mbak Ayu?

  6. Oh ya..... We have been here once on Bio Oil Event to took a lunch before we went home, nice moment... I hope we'll meet again in another event. Miss you... ^_^

  7. keren ya ka tempatnya, bikin nagih terus pengen kesana

  8. cozy place but standard menu menurut gie sih buyuuu.....nicole's be my sister wed place nest feb. ala-ala private and garden party gitu #seksisibuk kwkwkwkkkkk

  9. Keren yaaa tempatnya! Ini mbak Ayu kesananya weekend kah? Apa weekdays? Seneng banget kalo pas lagi sepi, foto2nya ga ada orang seliweran :D

  10. ini dimananya puncak maak ? akuh pengen keasan deh... :D
    it seems great place... ;))

  11. patut di coba nih kalau mudik k bandung lewat puncak...

  12. Tempatnya cozy, makanannya jugak kayaknya enak.. Hiasannya itu loooh.. Bikin laper :D