April 30, 2015

Spending a hot day at Toodz House

Few weeks ago, my sister came to my house. After little bit of chit chat, she said that she knew a cozy cafe with a super yummy signature Meal. As a Food lover, i am super easy to go to a new place. So here we are, Toodz House.

This is The view from no smoking room

After we have our seat, we immediately order something for our lunch. We came up with theese food

Lychee Black Tea - IDR 27K
Mango Squash - IDR 30 K

Super easy to count your bill when you hang out with friends

Nasi Balado , Forgot The menu name, below IDR 40K

Toodz House Signature's Meal
Carbonara Rice w/ Breaded Dory - IDR 36.5 K

The Carbonara rice was so yummy, we ordered another plate to make sure the taste. Haha... On the other hand, the balado rice was tasteless. Quite dissapointed actually, but I think the Carbonara rice pleased Me so much. 

Entrance, taken from the barista's view

The place is so cozy. Matched their tagline perfectly " a cafe to call home". I saw several College students hang out there while doing their homework since Toodz House provided free wifi. With those melted yummy Carbonara rice in a perfect portion for Me, wifi and No smoking area, i Will be back for sure. Still curious with the other menu. Hopefully the Nasi Balado will be much better. More picture dan be seen oN their websitenya and sosial media. 

Weird face, proudly present from Rafasya

Toodz House

Jl. Cipete Raya No 79
Cilandak 12410

Monday to Sunday , 8 am - 11 pm
Twitter & Instagram : @toodzhouse


  1. terima kasih infonya..........
    sangat menarik dan bermamfaat......

  2. padahal dari fotonya nasi balado tampak enak mba ayu. haha. aku jrg bgt deh maun ke daerah cipete situ. banyak tmpt makan enak kyknya yaaa

  3. Semacam ngiler dengan nasi baladonya :)

  4. Nasi baladonya menggugah selera ituuu

  5. aah dekeet.. mudah dijangkau.. makasih reviewnya mba ayu :)

  6. Waktu liat di IG, aku bnr2 ngilerrr bgt liat carbonara ricenya maaakk...sluurrpptt...

  7. Asik di Cilandak, kapan2 nyoba juga ah. makici infonya Mba Ayu :*

  8. Rafasya ganteng sekaliii :D *salah fokus*

  9. makasih bos tentang infonya dan salam sukses

  10. terimakasih gan tentang infonya dan salam sukses

  11. makasih bos infonya dan semoga bermanfaat

  12. makasih gan buat infonya dan semoga bermanfaat

  13. bagus gan artikelnya dan sangat menarik

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