April 4, 2015

Riding Ed arround Sarinah, Thank You Morrissey Hotel

Do you remember my post about Morrissey Hotel few weeks ago? You can read it here. About a day or two after I post it on my blog I 've got an email from Mr. Ruly. He is Operations Manager at Morrissey Hotel. 

I was never seen it coming. Since I write the review with out expecting anything. So I was so happy that one posting as a happy customer could get a reward. Mr. Rully, Invitasi My family to have a breakfast at Chineese New Year so Rafasya could watch The Barongsay. But we already have a plan oN that day. After arrange the time, we finally come to Morrissey on Sunday morning. 

When we arrived, everybody welcome me and my family. Yes, everybody, all The Morrissey Hotel's staffs.  Seems like Mr. Ruly already give my picture to everyone so they could know when We walk in to the hotel. Such a great experience. At least we felt like a celebrity for a while. Haha.. Unfortunately Mr. Rully is not at the hotel when we came.

After we have seated Mr Pipin, as a representative from the hotel, greet us and bring Rafasya a present. Very thoughtful present. The wooden Toys that hE has wondering since our Stay at Morrissey. They really read my previous post. Look at his happy face. 
Thank you Morrissey

After Opened his present, we Walked to The bufet. So many tempting food. Bye - bye Food combining for that day. Hohoho...

This was My breakfast. Oh ya, plus an ommelette with mushroom, paprica, smoked beef and friends inside. :D

I think this is Morrissey signature bread. It's filled with Sarikaya jam. The whole bread is made fresh from the oven. When you eat them for your breakfast, the sound of crispyness really made your day. So delish..

After we finished our breakfast, Mr. Pipin said that we could ride their signature bajaj. Wow.. Rafasya immediately rush toward the bajaj in the lobby. The driver told us that the bajaj has a name, its called Ed. We ride Ed arround Sarinah and back to the Hotel again. Rafasya couldn't stop smiling..

After riding Ed, acctually we were offered to try the rooftop swimming pool. But, sadly Rafasya is still having flu. Maybe next time. We were so Happy to be back to Morrissey. Thank you for the invitation Morrissey Hotel, Mr. Rully, Mr. Pipin and all the Morrissey staff that had welcome us. We felt Like a family yesterday. Hopefully, we could go back to Morrissey to feel the warmth again. See you soon Morrissey.


  1. Replies
    1. feel free to ride with Ed anytime you stay at Morrissey. Super clean and super spacious for sure. hehe..

  2. Replies
    1. engggg.... ini rahasia ya mbak, rahasia loh. aku ks tau ke mbak aja. aku FCnya masih pas sarapan doang. hahahaa... maksi n makmal bubarrr...

  3. I thought Ed was Ed Sheeran. Hahahhaa.
    Very nice Mbak. So happy seeing Rafasya smiling.


    1. keep smiling even when seated on his carseat he coulnd't stop smiling while holding his new toys. hihi...

  4. Roti-rotinya keliatan enak banget, Mbak.. :D

    1. enakkk, beneran deh enak bgt. fresh bgt baru dpanggang soalnya... manteplahhh