July 5, 2015

Let's Make Your Own WashiCam

Disclaimer : postingan ini demi memenuhi janji diri sendiri yang bilang kalau setiap bulan bakalan ada postingan menggunakan bahasa enggres (kibas jilbab).

About a week in early Ramadhan, Rafasya still going to school. After that the school is off untill late July. I have been wondering what will we do at home ? Since he already get used with school activities, even it just 3 times a week.

So, I am planning to make several diy activities. We supposed to make toy from recyled material or else. But the plan is still a plan until today, after almost 1 week the tazmanian boy stay at home. Blaimed the mother then. : D

After making some list of diy toys, I received a package from Scotch Tape Indonesia. Wohoo.. Such a great craft supplies. So many ideas come to my mind. Finally today we could make the diy toy. We call it " WashiCam" .

Wanna make one for you and your kids? Here is the tutorial..

Supply :

4 cardboxes 10 cm x 15 cm
1 toilet paper roll
double tape
any colour of Scotch washi tape

How :

1. Cut the toilet paper roll into 2 pieces

2. Make a hole as the camera lens in the center of the cardbox, use the toilet paper roll for the round pattern. Cut the round pattern with cutter.

3. the toilet paper roll will be the lens. Look, Rafasya is helping me to do this part. Thanks, but not net baby boy..

4. Put some double tape to make the camera more handy. Put the double tape from the 1st cardbox to the 2nd cardbox, etc..

5. Plug the toilet paper roll into the stack of cardboxes. Now you are ready to pick any colour and pattern from Scotch tape 

6. Voila. Our WashiCam is ready to use. 

This litlle explorer is ready to take a picture. Strike a pose, Please..

The Scotch washi tape is so easy to use and mix with other color. You can make any creation with it. Rafasya is learning so may different colour and also learn how to peel the washi tape. Crafting will be much fun.