Casa de Peri - Kota Kasablanka

Few months ago, we tried the Portuguese restaurant at Kota Kasablanka. We want to eat at any fast food restaurant at first (its weekend so any kind of fast food is okay :p), but since Rafasya is fall asleep it's time to try new food. Yeay.. After strolling to 3 - 4 restaurants, we've ended up in this one. It's called Casa de Peri.

They served many food. From rice, burger , pasta and of course chicken. The ambience is good with a bright lamps and colorful decor to brighten black chair. Since it was lunch time, we've ordered appetizer , main course and drink. we haven;t got the chance to try the dessert because our tummy is super full. :D Here's the menu back then..

Nachos - 48 K
The nachos was so good. The tortilla chips is in the perfect crisp. The chicken is so generous with the right amount of sauce. Just perfect for appetizer. Great for 2 - 3 person

Fruit Punch Pitcher - 98 K
Fruit punch tasted quite good. Soda and the fruit syrup blends with small cut of strawberries , apple and also a couple slices of lemon make every sips tastefull. Great for 2 person

Peri - Peri Chicken Rice Paella - 78 K
Casa de Peri served different sauce for the chicken. Unfortunatelly I forgot what i've been ordered. But the taste is not spicy for me. The rice itself is good while the chicken also good. It feels so exciting to taste a new flavour like this.

Flame Grilled Peri - Peri Chicken 1 / 4 - 38 K
Chip and Salad - 33 K
This was my husband plates. He ordered spicy sauce, and the result was ... spicy of course. But the way the seasoned the chicken taste super good.

Total after tax and service - 340 K
Overall, it was a great lunch for us. New menu, new experience. If there's any chance, we would like to go back there and try the other menu's.

Casa de Peri
Mall Kota Kasablanka Food Society Upperground Unit FSU 25, Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12870
021 - 29626158
10 a.m - 10 p.m


  1. nashosnya di sajikan berbeda tampak enak

    1. Nachosnya emang enak banget mb Lid .. super yummy....

  2. hahaha.. kupikir ini tempa[tnya para peri itu, jadi yang ladenin berbaju nuansa peri, di tengah hutan..

    hussyaaa.. kejauhan imaginasiku >_<

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