October 14, 2016

Wecoming Baby no 2, Arsel

Hello World...
My name is Arsel 
I was born on October 1st through cesarian
My weight is 3,290 gram and My height is 49 cm
I am Abang Rafasya's lil brother
Now, my Family and I are fighting to Make sure I get enough breastmilk
We are fighting together

From The day I was born, Abang Rafasya is so helpful
He help Mom to take care of me
For example, he will help bring small pillow for Mom while she breasfeed me or bring the blanket to make me warm. I'm sure we will be buddies when I am older
Dad also take care of me
When Mom still have to stay In bed because of surgery reason, Dad often hug me when I cry at 2 a.m just because I want Mom's milk
Dad help taking me from my bed to Mom for breasfeed 
Now my Mom has a new look on her face, if i'm not mistaken it's called dark circle
But I think she doesn't care at all, as long as I get enough milk
She fight all the pain caused by the surgery for hold me, since this was her second cesarian

think My Family love me.
I Know My Family love me, because I love them too


                                                        Wish us luck on our new journey !!!